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Economic Home Runs

Economic Home Runs

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Effective US Historic Solutions to Current American Challenges 

Today, many U.S. Citizens doubt the United States economy can recover due to its unprecedented Debt to GDP Ratio and deficit federal spending  Mr. Klos disagrees and offers in Economic Home Runs:

13 Ways to Restore U.S. Prosperity


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13 Historic Ways to Restore U.S. Prosperity

1.    Move investment real estate out of the Passive Income category into the Portfolio Tax Category to offset gains and losses with Wall Street Equities while limiting home mortgage tax deductions to 70% of the purchase price of all primary & secondary residences from homeowners’ ordinary income. 

Result: This will restore a strong and balance real estate market saving homeowners, states, counties, banks, and the federal government trillions of dollars in lost property value. – North American Land Company  

2.  Lease federal land; don’t sell it, with 25% of the proceeds going toward retiring the federal debt, 25% to the federal agency responsible for the real estate, 25% to the hosting state and 25% to the federal treasury. 

Result: The National debt will decrease. BLM, National Parks, National Highway System, Military, etc… would be funded with land lease revenues netting a much stronger ROI than outright land sales. After the lease expires,  the land along with all of its improvements reverts back to “We The People” to lease again. -- 1787 Northwest Ordinance

3.  Repeal the 17th Amendment with each state bicameral legislative body electing a U.S. Senator every six years. 

Result: This will overturn William Randolph Hearst and fellow robber barons scheme to influence the U.S. Senate through funding and media influence peddling of statewide U.S. Senate Campaigns. Special Interest capital will loose control of the U.S. Senate while the States, as the framers intended, will once again check the federal government through the U.S. Senate. -- 1787 U.S. Constitutional Convention

4.   Repeal U.S. Public Law 62-5, circa 1911, that limits the House of Representatives to 435 members and restore small Congressional Districts enabling citizen legislators while providing emerging political parties with a mechanism for grass roots expansion into federal governance. 

Result: Congress will increase to 6000 HR elected representatives with limited staff answerable to constituents who know their representatives personally as the framers intended. Corporations, PACS, Lobbyists and the Media will lose their influence on representatives who will once again become the voice of “We The People.” -- 1789 Twelve Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. 

5.   Expand medical, nursing, and health care education institutions to the double the rate at which the U.S. currently graduates doctors and nurses. 

Result: These newly educated health care workers will know how to live vigorous lives and be well equipped to care for 75 million aging baby boomers who think death is a preventable disease. -- 1910 Flexner Study

6.   Waive one year of Federal Income Tax for college graduates for every 18 dual enrollment credits earned in high school at area community colleges.

Result: This will expedite the evolution of the secondary educational system into collegiate learning while greatly advancing our children’s education. -- 1838 Common School Journal Horace Mann 

7.   Provide federal grants to primary schools that instruct their students in the Spanish, French and or the Portuguese languages which are, along with English, the national tongues of the Americas. 

 Result: U.S. citizens will better understand the cultures of their neighbors in the America’s facilitating communication and trade between neighbors. -- 1839 Ohio Bilingual Education

8.   Negotiate and establish at least ten 250 year term land leases for city-states in strategically located emerging international markets similar to the Hong Kong agreement enacted by Great Britain and China. 

Result: U.S. business and culture will reap the benefits of nationalized safe zones all across the globe maximizing a quid pro quo access to each other’s goods & services. -- 1784 Far East Trade Mission: The Empress of China

9.    Implement the metric system at the federal, state and local levels. 

Result: The U.S. is one of three countries that do not officially use the metric system, along with Burma (Myanmar) & Liberia. It will improve our engineering & international competitiveness. -- 1975 Metric Conversion Act

10.   Create a U.S. Organization for Energy Economic Co-operation to develop green and nuclear energy technology with the goal of replacing fossil fuels. Special attention should be given to developing new breeder reactors that run off of the current nuclear waste stockpile and the retired nuclear arsenal. 

Result: A new generation of Green Energy and Nuclear reactors, consuming nuclear waste, will lead to U.S. energy independence. -- 1939 The Manhattan Project

11.  Provide Federal Tax incentives for superconducting power lines updating and expanding high voltage electric transmission to service to 500 million Americans. 

 Result: As alternative energy sources begin to emerge new lossless and high voltage transmission systems will be in place to efficiently carry the electricity necessary to replace fossil fuels currently powering everything from motor vehicles to microwaves while meeting the ever expanding future energy demands of modern technology. -- 1936 Rural Electrification Act

12.  Execute long term maintenance contracts for federal road, bridge and other infrastructure systems. 

Result: Construction companies will be diligent providing maintenance and repair because conscientiousness will maximize their profits and thus lower federal and state costs while lengthening the useful life U.S. infrastructure. --1755 Braddock and 1806 National Roads

13.   Reconsider, “The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers,” William Shakespeare. 

Result: The law is the glue that holds this great nation together. Without the federal court system  we would not have front line defenders of liberty and freedom. Numerous legal reforms, however, are required such as a bill preventing frivolous litigation – 1777 Articles of Confederation

Special: First Edition Autographed

$9.95 each 


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